History of Chateau de Donos

Donos castle
Chateau de Donos
Bastide from chateau de Donos
La Bastide
Roman church on Château de Donos' domain
Saint Paul church


The Greek provenance of the name Donos, added to the various Roman vestiges in the area, has led historians to think that the Domain has ancient origins.

Around AD800, Gomezinde, a spaniard seving in the french army under Charlemagne, established himself at Donos.

A royal charter dating from AD859 and signed by King Charles Le Chauve confirms Gomezinde's ownership of more than 4,000 hectares at the time.
The original document is kept at the national archives in Paris.

Between AD800 and 1820, three castles were built :
- The first, a feudal one, was built around AD 815. the ruins dating from these times are still visible.
- A second castle was built during the 15th to the 17th century in use as habitation.
- Finally, under the french Restoration a third and final castle was constructed with several terraces and ornemental lake.


The domain streches over more than 350 hectares on contiguous land, fourty of which are being cultivated. The number of buildings still in existence is the testimony of a prosperous past : The roman church (12th century) with its squared chevet and arched on intersecting ribs, a restored Bastide from the 15th century, a charming castle from the 19th century and many more.

Encompassing views over the surrounding hills, together with its various ornamental lakes and ponds, the estate is considered one of the most exclusive settings of the Corbières.