History of the vineyard

Alain Chardigny
Alain Chardigny
Vines, scrubland and rocks
Vines, scrubland and rocks
'Mourvèdre' vines
Type of vine "Mourvèdre"
'Syrah' vines
Type of vine "Syrah"
Vintager in action.
New barrels of oak
New barrels of oak

The existence on the ground of a Villa roman type, and then of a powerfull Seigniory (from the IX century) which includes four thousands hectares make clear that the cultivation of the vineyards has always existed on the property.

From 1870, the family of the actual owner, Alain Chardigny,has keeped the tradition, but with changing the strategy because of the viticole crisis.

The property has now 350 hectares and only 8 hectares are planted in vineyards and they produce 25.000 to 30.000 bottles per year.

The aim is to offer wines among the best of our country, mainly because of a very hard and artisanal work, both in the vineyard and also in the cellar.

The Vineyard

The quality of a wine comes from the choice of the soil and also from the continuous care given to the culture.
We think that the 4 criterions are essentials :

1) Select the best soil, that means :" argilo calcaire" dominated by rocky barriers, and in the middle of the garrigues.

2) Plantation of 3 variety of vine ( Syrah, Grenache, Mourvèdre) which agree with an evolution of quality essential.

3) Yield limitated between 30 and 40 Hectos/Hectare. 50 hectos/Hectare are allowed for the AOC wines and 80 Hectos/Hectares for the local wines.

4) Vineyard cultivated very carrefully:trellis, double royat prunning, de-budding, thiningout the leaves by hand, harvest by hand and with baskets.

The Vinification

The vinication and then the maturing demand intense cares which need more attention and patience.
The 5 following rules allow to obtain high quality wines. We are looking for:

1) Vinification vineyard by vineyard, grape variety by grape variety, clone by clone within small tanks between 10 to 50 hectos.

2) Vinification made in 2 times
- pre-fermentation at 6 or 7 degres (by cold) during 7 to 8 days in order to extract color and aromas
- alcoholic fermentation itself under controlled temperture and puntching the cap in order to extract mainly the tannins.

3) Half of the harvest will be matured in small tanks for about 2 years and will give our "cuvée Tradition" the remaining half will be matured in barrels for 8 to 12 months according to the vintages and matured in tanks for a year or more.

4) This long time of maturing clarify the wines, make them round and avoid the strong filtrations which damage the structure of the wines.

5) The bottling is made in our cellar; we sell ours wines directly in order to guarantee the tracibility of our products.